Dear College Bound Athlete…

Dear (overly stressed) College Athlete,

“Keep it real and live in the moment.” I probably could’ve ended it with just that sentence but why not elaborate.

In life, it’s standard to desire more – whether it’s a better car, some trending outfit, going on that awesome trip (for all those good social media pics), etc. As an athlete, your desires are escalated with that competitive mindset of yours – you want to be a CEO (no such thing as a glass ceiling), win every game (including some [supposed to be fun] board games), and just really be all around the best you like right NOW.

Let me let you in on a couple little secrets: Being the best you takes a lot of time. No one is perfect so you likely won’t win every game you play but remember, it’s just a game so life will go on. Lastly, you’re a hard-working-don’t-settle athlete so it’s likely that someday you’ll have that dream job. What I’m trying to say is sometimes we just need to be reminded to live in the moment.

In high school you look forward to college.. you worked your butt off to get that scholarship and/or get into your dream school. So when that day comes, but you’re day dreaming about your dream career, getting married, and having babies, take a long hard look at yourself and make sure you aren’t thinking too much on what’s to come. Because right now, you’re living your high school self’s dream. Enjoy this moment and live it up!

Here are some of my college hacks:

1. Say yes to new adventures and things outside of your comfort zone (but don’t let that interfere with your class work – that ish is very important).

2. Share love like it’s going out of style because aint nobody got time for the hate.  

3. Continue to work your butt off. Hard work really does pay off.

4. Live and learn. If you make a mistake, it doesn’t define you. Shake it off. Not every game is a win but there’s always something to learn.

5. Have fun at practice and in games. Laugh and joke through the endless sprints. Go crazy cheering at games! People are watching for entertainment so give them something interesting to see. Don’t be embarrassed for being you.

6. Don’t eat the entire tub of nutella. Just trust me.

7. Left the best for last – Enjoy all the time you have with your teammates and take pictures to remember those times. They’re the people you’ll likely move away from and stay in touch with but it doesn’t compare to bunking with them or spending countless hours on a bus with them.

Serena Liebel