Dear Athlete Who Stopped Competing And Lost Their Identity…

Ball Isn’t Life


The questions are ones I’ve heard before.

“How tall are you?” … 6’9

Ones I’ve easily answered a million times without a second thought.

“What’s your name?” … Chukwukere Ekeh

But today that changed.

“Do you play basketball?” … Well, uhh, no

For the first time in my entire life, the answer was no. I was no longer a basketball player. I no longer had a team to claim. I no longer had an easily shareable identity to give the world.


My ego was in shambles. My dreams and my thoughts so heavily rested on the idea I would one day be a professional athlete who would forever be intertwined with the game I learned to love. Alas, today that came to an end.


It has taken much reflection, but in the brokenness I learned my value as a person was greater than the pieces of greatness I displayed within my sport. That there is more to my purpose than slam dunks and blocked shots. That my large stature and presence wasn’t going to waste but instead being re-directed to another use.


So my short but simple message to you is this… ball isn’t life. It can teach you life lessons but will never be your sole purpose for being.


God, I’m grateful for all the fruitful years of playing this game but even more excited that my story doesn’t end there.